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Arteria was born as a proposal in the artistic field of Chiapas that brings together the traditional activity of art gallery with a space dedicated to the realization of projects focused on the problematization of the local, national and international context through art. As a gallery we are interested in solid proposals, both in their originality and in their creative development, of emerging artists. Our interest is to maintain an open dialogue about the meaning of art today, about its expressive and reflective possibilities. We mainly support local young artists, promoting and promoting their artistic creations.

In Arteria we focus on the proposals of artists whose work reflects the relationship between art and the context in which it is produced, thus seeking a direct impact on the artistic and non-artistic community of the region, in order to generate new interpretations of our cultural capital and that are likewise translated into the country's cultural heritage. We are a team of dynamic people characterized and enriched by the fact of being a multicultural team and having different training and professional experiences. The common value that unites us is primarily the recognition of art as an important instrument of formation, reflection and integration. In short, we are a space open to the participation of artists and ordinary citizens with a common goal, to develop the talents and virtues of our artistic community.


Indigenous Art

Produced by native young people native from the diverse communities that represent and compose the indigenous world of Chiapas. Some artist are self-taught, others with academic instruction, but all with the intention of expressing and translating in the particular language of art, their reflections, questions, criticisms, identifications, imaginary longings, differences and similarities. It is a type of art that is gestated from identities, contexts, cultures of these social subjects. Indigenous art opens the door of globalization with the desire to be exposed, to be seen, thought and problematized from all interested perspectives and when conditions are propitious, to engage in a creative conceptual dialogue.

Emerging Art

Our interest an effort falls on the art produced by the young people of the Chiapas, from the art that comes from the view of the mexican youth. In the midst fo a convulsed society with the eye on art as way of a social and subjective transformation, we focus on the young expression as a social phenomenon essential to provide understanding an ideation of approaches for the reconstruction of a mor justice an eloquent society.

Urban Art

The walls of San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, show us the work of dozens of artists who comes out of their studio and from the ideation and elaboration face their work to the viewer of the viewer, the walker, the citizen, the neighbor, walls that works as containers of messages and images that face and integrate the future of the city. There is no doubt about the importance of the role played by urban art in the development of the artistic movement of a city, of a country. In Arteria we support and encourage the creation of these young artists who begin their journey in art through the streets and neighborhoods of the city, to integrate into their expression diverse media and formats that allow them to experiment and develop their artistic proposals.

Local Artists

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